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WICHTIG Bitte wählt unter Profil bearbeiten wieder einen Cluster aus! Sonst könnt ihr euch nicht richtig mit dem TS3 verbinden !
Dieser Balken geht nur weg, wenn du dich mit Steam Synchronisierst. Das kannst du hier machen.

    The Extra Life charity event, TLC 3 and Crystal Isles transfers on console, the community has been asking "when" and we're here to deliver! Check out your new ride! Twin ceramic rotor drives on each wheel! And these look like computer controlled anti-lock brakes! Wow, 200 horses at 12,000 RPM! Looks a us. Tune into our Extra Life event for some epic Genesis 2 reveals. High-res art link here Tender Loving Care 3 TLC 3 is getting close, Saturday, 7th November at 10 AM PST to be exact! We have much in store for our players: The Mammoth and Stego revamp including visual and functional upgrades, some creepy crawly evolutions, and various QoL additions. Stay posted for more details on what will be included in TLC 3 in next week's Community Crunch! Crystal Isles Transfers on Console We will be enabling full server transfers into Crystal Isles and our freshly launched Official Xbox and PS4 Servers on Friday, November 20th. This means from that date, players will be able to download items and creatures onto the map without restriction. ...Plus a quick spooky update on Fear Evolved 4! We'll be adjusting our boosted rates for the event! From the 22nd of October through to November the 6th, the Official ARK network will be receiving a spectral treat with: 2X Breeding (mating interval, egg hatch speed, and maturation) 2X XP 2X Harvesting 2X Taming ExtraLife Charity Event Our 24 hour Extra Life stream is fast approaching and we invite everyone from the community to join us for a great cause. Let’s try to beat or prior year record of $112,206.35 and see what we can raise for the kids through gaming and giving. This year's ExtraLife event kicks off on November 7th at 10 AM PST! We'll be coming to you live from our Seattle Studio to bring 24 hours of entertainment, giveaways, Collector’s Edition boxes, game keys, and much more! Whether you’re a streamer, a donor or just keen to be along for the ride, we’d love to have you! Like prior events, we will be enabling boosted rates for all players on our Official Networks. These rates increase incrementally as each fundraising milestone is reached. Further details on milestones and rates will be shared closer to the start of the event. If you’re feeling heroic, and want to support the event with your own stream and donation goals, sign up, and let’s raise some money for the kids! Gather your tribes, alliances, and stimberries, and feel free to hop into the official ARK discord for an epic 24hr adventure! If you'd like to join the cause and help us fundraise or contribute a donation, check out our Extra Life page! EVO Event Survivors on all platforms will be receiving a special Evolution Event perk this weekend! It will be active from Friday the 16th of Oct at 4 PM EST until Monday the 19th of oct at 3 PM EST. All Official Servers across each platform will be undergoing this evolutionary change which includes: 2x Breeding/Maturing 2x XP Fan Art Gallimimus by kawarayane Ember by stray-galaxy Outpost by FaFpNd Managarmr Watercolor by Marbleschu Tiamat by ProjectTiamat Crystal Wyvern Queen by AnuDoriniTalah Yutyrannus by sangwiss16 TEK Raptor Building by skywalker81 (Discord) Thank you for sharing your ARK-related fan art and creations. We love checking them out and featuring them for our community! Catch you next week! Studio Wildcard Twitter: Facebook: Reddit: Instagram: Twitch: Steam: Youtube:


    Spieler von BEIDEN Clustern.. meldet hier bitte mal bei uns auch alle Bugs die euch auffallen..

    Schreibt aber BITTE dazu vom welchem Cluster z.B.

    Nanny imprint geht nur 1 mal (PVE)

    Item Collector sammelt nichts ein (PVE)

    Item Collector sammelt nicht ein (PvPvE)

    einfach hinter jedem Bug den Cluster.. damit wir schauen können was wir machen können...

    Ich weiss grad nicht genau welche "Zeitzone" die Votingseite nutzt aber es beisst sich halt etwas mit der unseren :)

    (Bin auf Arbeit) hehe

    In der Regel aber kannst du jeden Tag deine Stimme abgeben.

    Die Nathi kommt aus Österreich.. und ich glaube dort gibt es keine Zeitzonen... :evil:

    Hallo PVE Spieler.

    Erstmal wichtig.


    Wie auch auf den anderen 2 Clustern wird der PVE Cluster den Shop Mod wechseln.…iledetails/?id=2198615778

    Da ist schonmal der Link.. ihr könnt den ja schonmal abonieren.

    Auf dem PVE Cluster machen wir das aber etwas anders.

    Nächste Woche (vielleicht noch dieses WE.. ma kuggen)

    Bekommt der Mod die möglichkeit, ein „Coin“ als Item einzuschalten (Normal sind die Coins in diesem Mod rein in einer DB)

    Sobald das möglich ist, werden wir den Mod installieren und im alten Kaufhaus die Coins zum Kaufen anbieten. 1 zu 1 umrechnung. d.h. Für einen ARC bekommt ihr 1 Coin.

    Dan habt ihr 14 Tage Zeit (damit auch wirklich jeder die Chance hat) eure ARCs in Coins zu wechseln. Ihr bekommt in dieser Zeit natürlich keine ARCs mehr sondern nur noch Coins ;)

    Das Auktionshaus wird ebenfalls auf die Coins umgestellt..

    Wichtig ist nun aber beim neuen Shop sind die Coins immer für jede Map. (OHNE API)

    Also wen ihr auf Map A. Coins ausgebt, sind die auf Map B auch weg ;)

    Aber der neue Shop bekommt eben in den nächsten 7 Tagen noch eine besonderheit.

    Und zwar das Voter a.) Täglich ein paar extra Coins bekommen (oben links dan einfach auf Claim drücken) und b.) Voter und Unterstützer kommen ebenfalls für 24 Stunden bzw. 45 Tage eine Rolle. Diese Rolle bringt euch die möglichkeit z.B. besondere Chibis zu bekommen, oder Skins oder mal ein wenig Element für Lau... Sprich Voter werden belohnt !

    Sobald ich den Mod hochlade, naja ihr seht es dan ja selber wen die Server neustarten 8)

    Fear Evolved 4 Download in high-resolution It's time to Trick or Treat whilst howling under the blood moon! The Dodorex and Dodowyvern will be striking fear into the hearts of Survivors with their fearsome return to the ARK! Hunt for new diabolical chibis, spectral creature skins, event themed threads, and new holiday emotes. Fear Evolved is one of our favorite events and we can't wait for you to experience what we've conjured up this year! Event Details This event can be manually activated with the server arg parameter: -ActiveEvent=FearEvolved Dates October 22nd to November 6th Rates 2X Breeding (mating interval, egg hatch speed, and maturation) 2X Player XP Creatures In addition to some of the past favorites from Fear Evolved, survivors will find themselves on the hunt for 11 new spooky themed chibi's to add to their growing collection and 7 new ghostly dinosaur skins. Spooky Encounters DodoRex (Untamable Boss) DodoWyvern (Untamable Boss) Zomdodo Zombie Fire Wyvern (claimable & persist after Fear Evolved) Zombie Lightning Wyvern (claimable & persist after Fear Evolved) Zombie Poison Wyvern (claimable & persist after Fear Evolved) Skeletal Giganotosaurus Skeletal Quetzal Skeletal Jerboa Bone Fire Wyvern Skeletal Bronto Skeletal Stego Skeletal Trike Skeletal Raptor Skeletal Rex Skeletal Carnotaurus Ghost Reaper (Surface reapers) *new* Ghost Bulbdog *new* Ghost Rex *new* Ghost Basilisk *new* Ghost Snow Owl *new* Ghost Mantis *new* Ghost Direwolf *new* Event Chibis (acquired via killing Dodowyvern/Dodorex or Cooking Pot recipe) Skeletal Giganotosaurus *new* Skeletal Quetzal *new* Skeletal Jerboa *new* Skeletal Bronto *new* Skeletal Stego *new* Skeletal Trike *new* Skeletal Raptor *new* Skeletal Rex *new* Skeletal Carnotaurus *new* Bone Wyvern *new* Zombie Wyvern *new* Ghost Creature Skins (acquired via killing Ghost creatures) Reaper *new* Bulbdog *new* Rex *new* Basilisk *new* Snow Owl *new* Mantis *new* Direwolf *new* Items Pumpkin Stolen Headstone Scarecrow Dinosaur Bone Dino Candy Corn Emotes (acquired via Cooking Pot recipe) Scare Emote *new* Knock Emote *new* Skins (acquired via Cooking Pot recipe) 2 Halloween-themed tops *new* 2 Halloween-themed swimsuit bottoms *new* Creature Event Colors Dino Darker Grey Dino Light Blue Dino Dark Yellow DragonBase1 Light Brown Light Grey Dino Light Brown Dino Dark Brown DragonFire Vermillion *new* ActualBlack *new* MidnightBlue *new* MediumAutumn *new* DarkWarmGray *new* Orange *new* DarkLavender *new* Jade *new* Live Tuning System The latest major PC version supports our Initial Implementation of the 'Live Tuning' system. The 'Live Tuning' system is a dynamic configuration system which will allow server hosts to easily modify supported game properties without the need for mods. All that is required is a simple edit of a json file, and you're good to go! As you can imagine, this new dynamic configuration system will provide useful options for server administrators, especially as we grow it out to support more properties. For the modding community, this system is also very powerful. Modders may have actually seen it before in the property details panel. When you add variables there is a checkbox for "Live-Tunable". Checking that box on properties will opt them into the system. By doing so, this will allow server owners to tweak mod settings on the fly without the need for mod updates. As the system evolves, we hope to add more options and expose more values to tweak. The 'Live Tuning' system provides ways for server administrators to offer dynamic events in a quick, simple, and straightforward way. For more information on the 'Live Tuning' system and how to set it up, check out the following thread. We'll be adding more details as the system continues to expand: Networking & Live Game Improvements One of our constant priorities is monitoring the live-game and server reliability. Over the past few weeks, we've noticed an increase in reports about server instability. The causes of server instability may range but our engineering team has been hard at work diagnosing the root causes. In a past Community Crunch we noted that we've been working on technical changes behind the scenes to increase server performance and mitigate some of the attacks we're seeing against the servers. We've made improvements to mesh detection, added more protection against DDOS, and fixed various exploits/cheats that could be used to intentionally crash servers. Since deploying those changes we have seen a noticeable decrease in some of the server instability reports and attacks we were seeing. Although things have improved, we will continue to work against malicious players who intend to ruin the experience for others. Structure Stasis Changes We've made some changes with a focus on improving performance. This reworks how structures are loaded/unloaded on the server. The simple idea is that fewer calculations take place at a given time with the new system so the server doesn't have to do as much. Something to note is that the performance gains are more noticeable when more active structures are present (so think really busy, large bases) and an increased number of players on a server. The structures are now broken up into a grid, when a player logs in they are assigned grid cells appropriate to their location, and the structures in those cells are loaded. That way not all are loaded. This setting is enabled by default on Official Servers, and Unofficials can now opt-into using the new system too by setting the following server parameter in their commandline: -UseStructureStasisGrid This will work on both PC and Console, but we highly recommend that it is not used on servers with mods, as there are some assumptions made about structures in stasis and this could cause issues with modded content, however in a future devkit update, you'll be able to opt said structures out of the system to avoid the issues. TLDR: Predominantly busy servers with a lot of players and big bases will be seeing the most significant performance gains. Official Discord Our Official ARK Discord launched a few weeks ago and it's thriving with 35k users already! If you'd like to get in on the action for updates, patch notes, a community hub, bulletin board, and sometimes chatting with us, you can join via this invite! EVO Event Survivors on all platforms will be receiving a special Evolution Event perk this weekend! It will be active from Friday the 9th of Oct at 3 PM EST until Monday the 12th of Oct at 3 PM EST. All Official Servers across each platform will be undergoing this evolutionary change which includes: 2x Breeding/Maturing 2x XP Fan Art Winston Sith Kawaranaye FireRayDragon Saurvax moon0w0 Bandi We're always thrilled to see what our talented Community create and love sharing your fanart. Keep it coming! Until next time! Studio Wildcard Twitter: Facebook: Reddit: Instagram: Twitch: Steam: Youtube:


    An die Leute die über 20 Beehives bei ihren Beeten stehen haben.

    Ihr braucht davon NICHT 20 Stück.. das ist mega überflüssig.

    Ein Beehive hat eine sehr sehr sehr große Reichweite, in den meisten Fällen sollten sogar maximal 2 Beehives LOCKER reichen.. eher sogar nur einer...

    Das selbe gilt für die Leute, die bei ihren Beeten 20 Wasserhähne stehen haben... Wozu ? 1 Wasserhahn reicht für min. 4 Beete (wen man es richtig baut deutlich mehr)

    Also natürlich haben wir für das Vivarium die Produktion von anderen Items wie Eier und Kot abgeschalten...

    Wir kennen euch lange genug ;) dan laden 50 oder mehr Gachas da drinne.. (da wir nicht einstellen können was rein darf) und man muss wirklich überhaupt gar nichts mehr machen...

    Das und im Mutator das die Dinos schneller aufwachsen sind aber auch die einzigen sachen die wir da gestern eingestellt haben. Der komplette Rest der nun net geht :P sind Bugs

    Da es viele Fragen in der Shoutbox gibt.. oder ingame.. hier nochmal die PAtchnotes bitte lesen. DANKE

    Update: 6. Okt. um 21:05 Uhr

    - EnableEngramOverride now works with vanilla overrides

    - All engrams that are hidden via vanilla configs are now removed from the engram list (this should reduce engram screen lag for those servers who use a lot of overrides & do not use EnableEngramOverride)

    - Fixed issue with EnableEngramOverride hiding a random engram

    - Fixed issue with EnableEngramOverride preventing learning pre-requisite engrams automatically

    - New Config: TekEngramOverrideLevel (the level to set tek engrams when using OverrideTekEngrams)

    (note: bOnlyAllowSpecifiedEngrams will disable EnableEngramOverride but OverrideTekEngrams will work)

    - New Structure: S+ Tek Floating Foundation (square & triangle, has the normal snap points but only places on water)

    - New Structure: S+ Starter Block (places like a foundation but its position & rotation can be adjusted after placement, you then snap an actual foundation over top. Allows you to start building a little lower than normal or at a 45 degree angle!)

    (note: this structure can only be spawned by command)

    - New Structure: S+ Toilet (spoils raw meat quickly & pooping on it will instantly spoil any meat inside, snaps to internal pipes)

    The S+ Vivarium has been reworked:

    - Now uses cryopod'd dino's (cryopods will not lose charge while inside)

    (note: the vivarium no longer requires power)

    - Adult dino's now produce resources in addition to eggs & poop (the type of dino will determine which resources & the size of the dino will affect how much)

    (note: resource generation is affected by the server's harvest multiplier, except eggs & poop)

    - You can now change the map inside the vivarium between the Island, Scorched Earth & Aberration (the chosen map affects which resources are generated)

    - Many dinos have resources they generate regardless of map (from the expected like snails produce paste & organic poly to more exotic things)

    - Gachas will produce a random item from all gacha resources

    - Light pets will generate charge that can be collected by S+ Charge Stations

    - The resources produced are only available when collected via an Item Aggregator (the inventory space is dedicated to cryopods)

    - The base interval that resources are generated is 15 minutes, each dino added will add 20 sec

    (note: already placed vivariums are actually a different structure, they are no longer functional & only remain for people to remove their dinos. Picking them up & placing them again will upgrade them, can also be demolished for full refund)

    - New Configs: DisableVivariumResourceGeneration, DisableVivariumAdvResources, VivariumResourceMultiplier, VivariumEggChanceMultiplier

    - Removed Configs: RemovePowerRequirementFromVivarium, VivariumEggIntervalSeconds, VivariumOviIntervalMultiplier, VivariumMaleEggChanceBonus, VivariumFemaleEggChance)

    The S+ Item Collector has been reworked:

    - Renamed the S+ Item Aggregator & has a new model (light can be painted)

    - It now converts collected poop into its large poop equivalent (ie 2 medium = 1 large) & only deals with large poops for its distribution (ie to beetles & bins)

    - Performs the functions that the S+ Animal Tender, S+ Sheep Herder, S+ Gardener, S+ Farmer & S+ Hatchery used to do

    (note: its now only pulls full stacks from crop plots & does not provide the ovi bonus like the Hatchery)

    In addition, it nows acts like a fridge when powered & can also:

    - Collect metal ingots & charcoal from forges, spoiled meat from dinos (that don't eat it) & beer

    - Send metal to forges, thatch & berries to Beer Barrels, food to troughs, ammo to turrets & fuel to structures that need

    - Upload itself to Dedicated Storage

    (note: every action is staggered so that actions will be performed evenly over a ~15 min period & in a logical order (ie taking fert from beetle before trying to put poop in))

    - It now requires the same level as the grinder to learn & its crafting cost has been increased

    - The Animal Tender, Sheep Herder, Gardener, Farmer & Hatchery are now obsolete,they are no longer functional (can be demo'd for full refund)

    - New Configs: ItemCollectorDisableDistribution, ItemCollectorDisableAmmo, ItemCollectorDisableIncubation, ItemCollectorIncubationMultiplier

    - The S+ Nanny can now dynamically handle dinos that have different food required when babies (ie will feed Crystal Wyverns & any other mod or future vanilla dinos without an update)

    - All items are now allowed inside the S+ Nanny

    - The S+ Nanny no longer uses fuel, it can be powered by a normal generator now

    - The S+ Nanny now has the same spoiling multiplier that fridges do (when activated)

    - S+ Triangle Foundations will now be destroyed if they lose support (ie building a stack & destroying the bottom one)

    - The NoFoundationsRequired config will now allow foundations to be freely placed in the air

    - S+ Vacuum Compartments will now protect against lava & liquid element

    - Unauthorized players can no longer change the sides of S+ Underwater Compartments

    - S+ Transfer Control Unit can now be triggered by S+ Pressure Plates & S+ Tek Alarms

    - New Mutator Mode: Growth (causes nearby non-adult dinos to grow much faster for 6 hours)

    - Removed extraneous kibble from S+ cooking pots

    - Added Primal Crystal to pull list

    - S+ Feeding Troughs will now accept element dust, crystal & primal crystal

    - Updated S+ Heavy & Tek Turret stats to match vanilla

    - Fixed issue with MinShieldPlacementDistanceInFoundations & MinTeleporterPlacementDistanceInFoundations not working with values less than default

    - S+ Gateways will now obey the vanilla config for max gateways on a saddle (MaxGateFrameOnSaddles)

    - Hid error messages that resulted from using the remote pull buttons with no remote inventory open

    - Weightless items can now be pulled into a weight restricted inventory (ie DS souls into your inventory)

    - Added placement orientation indicator to S+ Large & XL walls

    - Fixed crop scaling on S+ Seamless Square crop plots

    - Corrected name of Quetz Saddle Platform

    - Updated S+ Industrial Grill default crafting speed to match vanilla (2x)

    - S+ Tek Beds will now charge crypods in the inventory of sleeping players

    - Added missing chibis to the Chibification mode of the multi-tool

    - S+ Chibi Display will now show sub meshes (ie hat on party rex)

    - You can now toggle the visibility of the frame on the S+ Chibi Display

    - Added label to front of S+ Fridge (change its name then use Set Name As Label via radial menu)

    - S+ Blueprint Maker will no longer create blueprints from items with crafting skill bonus (only if using AllowMakingWeaponsAndArmorBPs)

    - The dino mode of the S+ Multi-Tool will now ignore mission dinos

    - Re-added the upload to dedicated storage button to the S+ Crystal Cracker

    - The S+ Crystal Cracker can now be set to automatically upload to dedicated storage after opening crystals

    - The death item cache(little bag) has been increased in size so that items are not lost when structures with more than 600 slots are destroyed

    (note: caches above 1000 slots will only be accessible via pull/transfer similar to S+ Dedicated Storages)

    - The S+ Chemistry Bench no longer requires both gas & electricity, it can run on either

    - S+ Tek Elevators can no longer be placed on saddles (they didn't work anyway)

    - Fixed issue with Craft All Instant not producing the correct number of resources for some recipes in the S+ Grinder & Laboratory

    - Fixed issue with S+ Taxidermy bases not being able to equip items correctly

    - Fixed issue with Inventory Assistant failing to clean any resources that had a quantity to save

    - S+ Staircases can now have their orientation toggled during placement with the drag key (PC: G)

    - Fixed issue with S+ XL Trap Doors collapsing when connected structures were destroyed

    - Fixed issue with platforms (tree, cliff, etc) providing inconsistent foundation support

    - Updated S+ Replicator engrams

    - Fixed various discrepancies between S+ & their vanilla counterparts (engram level, crafting cost, etc)

    - All engrams now belong to their appropriate DLC group

    So Ragi ist am starten.

    An die Spieler.. geht noch nicht drauf, bevor ich in der Shoutbox was schreibe ! kann sein das ich nochmal neustarten muss.. das mache ich dan OHNE Timer

    In 1 1/2 bis 2 Stunden kommt ein S+ Update.

    Fall es ein größeres Update ist, schalten wir die Server für kurze Zeit aus um uns alles durchzulesen usw usw usw. :!:

    Fall es nur ein Hotfix Patch ist.. lassen wir einfach den neustart durchlaufen

    Mehr dazu halt später