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WICHTIG Bitte wählt unter Profil bearbeiten wieder einen Cluster aus! Sonst könnt ihr euch nicht richtig mit dem TS3 verbinden !

    Online sind im Forum nicht gerade wenig.. daran kann es echt nicht liegen.

    Einzige was ich nimmer viel, so nen "normalen" PVP Cluster.. da dieser tägliche Stress und Streitigkeiten braucht kein mensch... über alles andere kann man ja immer reden :P

    Medieval Wars finden die, die drauf sind ja auch lustig. Denke würden da mehr spielen hätten alle noch mehr fun.. naja ist wie es is

    Welcome to another edition of the Community Crunch! This week, initially on PC, we rolled out a refactored version of the dedicated storage structure. Our impetus for doing so was optimization and performance improvements for dedicated servers. Previously, Dedicated Storages used to hold up to 1800 stacks of a single item. On a typical popular server, there are usually thousands of dedicated storage boxes across an entire save, many of which are filled with stacks. On some of our most populated Official Servers, we see save files with over 65,000 dedicated storages -- many of them full (these were PVE servers). As you can imagine, this is a lot of items, like... a lot, a lot. How does this impact our servers? In our worst case scenario, taking a server with 65,000 dedicated storages, let’s assume 70% of these are full; that means we’re talking 81,900,000 stacks, just from dedicated storage boxes alone. These all contribute to how well the server runs in terms of framerate, as well as the memory cost. Each ‘stack’ costs a little bit of both. So a rework was necessary, and the results have proven to be great! This isn't a magic bullet and you won't suddenly see servers drop half their memory cost or double in performance, but we are seeing significant gains across our network on all maps. Some savings are as high as 10GB on memory usage, which is pretty phenomenal! Additionally, this change slows down the growth of memory usage on servers, as previously it would exponentially increase with additional dedicated storage boxes. So here's how the rework 'works' under the hood: The idea of having 'multiple' stacks is no longer the case when using Dedicated Storages. When viewing your UI, you won't see the items on the right-hand side anymore, and it won't display the item slot count when looking at the structure. Instead, the dedicated storage box now contains a single item, and when you deposit items into it, we adjust the quantity of the said item. So instead of having 1800 stacks, you have one giant stack, if you will. Don't panic if you don't see items on the right-hand side, it is intentional! The items are still inside of the dedicated storage, it just works differently The good news is that you'll still be able to withdraw one regular-sized stack at a time, should you need to as the game can calculate what that number would be. As we've removed the 'items' from the storage, you can no longer interface with the remote inventory on the right-hand side. This means you can't split stacks inside of it, you can't drop items from it, etc. The team is working to mitigate some of the changes, and one thing we've done and implemented is changed the 'Transfer All' function on Dedicated Storages to ignore your weight. Previously players could 'popcorn' items from Dedicated Storages (which is spamming the 'O' key, to drop them quickly) and then pick them up with a whip, but unfortunately that no longer works - which is why we've made this QOL change. We are currently working on some additional QOL changes, which will enable players to pull out 1,5, or 10 items at a time if an entire stack isn't needed (You can press/click these buttons multiple times to get your desired quantity). We're still monitoring community feedback with the change as we knew it would be an impactful and necessary change to increase performance for dedicated servers. We also want to make sure that the structure still feels pretty good to use as we know how important it is to base/item management. We'll do our best to take in the community feedback and see whether we can act upon it! We’re also working on getting all of these changes moved over to console as soon as possible. This includes the quantity-display in different locations and fixing/improving the PlayStation version of the Dedicated Storage box so that you’ll be able to see the quantity of the items on the box itself similarly to the other platforms. An ARK Evolution Event is active until Monday the 20th with the following EVO perks on all Official Servers! 3X Taming 3X Harvesting 3X XP Creator: Shockist Follow along with Shockist as he takes you on a tour of the largest official genesis 2 base! Creator: SINZAHH Ever wonder what you can accomplish as a solo player in ARK? SINZAHH takes us along for an epic solo raid! The Grave of the Lost by Kitty Untitled by @kawarayane Reaper by @KarkinosGaming Rockwell (Pyschonauts Mashup) by @edmundium Crystal Wyvern by Dronade#0814 MR RED#4506 Jøŋ Sŋøẃ @EgoSilentium Have a great weekend! Studio Wildcard Twitter: Discord: Reddit: Instagram: Twitch: Steam: Youtube: Facebook:


    Ab nun ist das Forum hier für den kleinen Cluster für alle offen.

    Falls ihr unterforen braucht einfach besscheid sagen.


    hu Loot kommt die Wochen über was komplett eigenes..

    Aber bitte nicht Stressen :) Loot einstellen = furchtbar ! ;)

    Falls sich jemand freiwillig meldet der das macht, wäre ich nicht böse :P

    Welcome to another edition of the Community Crunch! This week we're taking a look at what's happening in the community in the Community Corner. Things may seem quiet on the homefront, but we're gearing up for a great close-out to the year! Lost Islands, three new creatures, another community creature vote, Extra Life, holiday events, and more will give everyone something to enjoy this holiday season! An ARK Evolution Event is active until Monday the 13th with the following EVO perks on all Official Servers! 2X Taming 2X Breeding (mating interval, egg hatch speed, imprint, and maturation) 2X Harvesting 2X XP 2X Hexagon Bonus Creator: Leo The various '100 days' series have become popular in the community, so here's a different take: 100 days as a master tamer! Creator: Cjthecheesedj Are these these the top 10 traveling creatures to tame? Chime in and let us know! ARK Raptor evolution to TEK by @Ica7 Ferox for Jinx by alphaeuscreatives ARKrptr by salamantha Mei Yin by 龍&玥 Prissiie#6186 CryptidCorvids#0449 Good luck Shinehorn by Kitty#7656 @LolosArtCorner @PurdyTrevor @sarrisrainbows Have a great weekend! Studio Wildcard Twitter: Discord: Reddit: Instagram: Twitch: Steam: Youtube: Facebook:


    Und da keiner was geschrieben hat, machen wir Start 16:00

    Es sind alles zusammen nun 1 MB Config..

    Also viele viele viele Zeilen.

    Falls also irgendwas nicht 100% stimmt, nicht meckern! Einfach melden und es wird behoben.









    einwände ?

    Download in high resolution Welcome to another edition of the Community Crunch! In the lead-up to the release of the Lost Island, a free DLC map coming later this year, we've been engaging the community and seeing what creatures you'd like to see on the upcoming release. During the first-ever official community vote, we saw a heated race as we narrowed down which creature would be one of the 3 new creatures that release with Lost Island. Although Dinopithecus emerged as the clear winner, today we may have an addition that's fairly familiar to the community and the final creature being added to Lost Island! Download in high resolution Sinomacrops bondei is a friendly and curious little pterosaur. It may approach and investigate unfamiliar creatures, but Sinomacrops does spook easily. When threatened, it will unfurl its wings to reveal deimatic eyespots in an attempt to confuse or scare predators away. Still, Sinomacrops seems to be a highly intelligent creature that craves social interaction. While it's normally curious and friendly, Sinomacrops' adorably oversized mouth turns into a deadly weapon at the slightest sight and smell of insects. Even alone, this cute little critter can take down insects far larger than itself. Unfortunately, this means that armor made from chitinous plates is going to trigger an attack response from the otherwise sweet-hearted pterosaur. Taming a Sinomacrops is fairly straightforward (in theory) -- just feed them without scaring them. Once tamed, they absolutely love travelling with their humans, and prefer to cling to them whenever possible. Not only are they sociable, but they're fiercely protective once bonded. Any small creature approaching someone with a tame Sinomacrops will be met with its flashing eyespots and piercing shriek. That’s usually enough to stun an undersized interloper. For such a small flier, Sinomacrops can carry surprisingly heavy loads. It can even support the weight of a fully-grown human adult, though it will struggle to gain altitude. Still, any creature companion that can double as a glider and parachute is invaluable for anyone traversing an ARK... as long as they bring plenty of snacks for their new friend. Download in high resolution It's that time where we introduce new projects in the sponsored mod program! Our first set of picks for the year is ready for you to enjoy. The ARK Sponsored Mod Program is also now accepting applications for the next selection, you will be able to apply until October 5th. Don't forget to submit your projects at…ng/apply-for-sponsorship/. Alemia Alemia is a map project that reworks many aspects of the game to take the player on a challenging survival adventure without any trace of technology. You'll find new structures and mechanics for crafting, exploration, taming and harvesting. And if that's not enough for you, there are many dungeons hiding underground... Alemia awaits. Check out Alemia ARK Genomes - Extinction Evolved ARK Genomes brings forth a significant overhaul. Complete with challenges, a new tiered improvement system for creatures, and it's own story flow. Take on difficult challenges to fight off the corruption of element, gain new rewards and raise your tames through multiple stages of genetic evolution! Check out ARK Genomes - Extinction Evolved An ARK Evolution Event is active until Tuesday the 7th with the following EVO perks on all Official Servers! 2X Taming 2X Breeding (mating interval, egg hatch speed, imprint, and maturation) 2X Harvesting 2X XP 2X Hexagon Bonus Creator: Finn Reinhardt Want to see what happens when some well-known creators and players from the PvP and ARK community hide valuable items on an Official Server? Check out this amazing cinematic story from Finn Reinhardt! Creator: Sefiro Ultima Learn one of the more complex builds to pull off in ARK, the spiral staircase! Genesis 2 by @co3na3 [VN] Pet me mommy ! by Ampraeh I can haz element? by nezuyu Genesis 2 Vibes by Firefly VELUKO#6347 Ares#2032 The Amazing "Gacha" by Oriah @slime_of_toilet I desperately want to end#2149 @ARKLove9 Sayvaris Wishing you a happy Labor Day! Studio Wildcard Twitter: Discord: Reddit: Instagram: Twitch: Steam: Youtube: Facebook: